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Mi pareja de baile, mi compañera, mi camarera preferida, mi culazo, mi ricitos, mi bello despertar, mi espalda preferida, mi piecitos, mi preparadora de desayunos, mi musa, mi ciclista, mi cocinitas, mi diseñadora, mi knitter, mi creadora, mi soñadora, mi valiente, mi consejera, mi detallista, mi devoradora de sushi, mi apoyo, mi fortaleza, mi alegría, mi lapa.

Mi amiga, mi novia, mi mujer. Mi vida.



Nathan Coley is one of Britain’s best-known artists, having been nominated for the Turner Prize, the most prestigious award for a UK-based artist under fifty, in 2007.

Over the past 15 years he has worked in a diverse range of media including public and gallery sited sculpture, photography, drawing and video. His practice focuses on how political and religious ideologies come to shape and determine our built environment. He investigates how we come to understand these ideologies according to different locations, contexts and personal perspectives.